Allens Leak Detector

Product Description

Allens Leak Detector Fluid is a ready to use blend of high foaming surfactants. Specially formulated to be completely biodegradable and non-corrosive to all types of pipe media. Can be used in a variety of applicators and typically is supplied in a 1 litre bottle.

Product Information

  • Contains a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants
    • Ensures effective detection of gas leaks by readily forming bubbles at the area of the leak
  • Incorporates a non aggressive complex detergent¬† formulation
    • Suitable for use on all surface types including soft metals and plastics.
  • A readily biodegradable mild formula with neutral pH
    • Safe to use
  • Pack incorporates a directional nozzle
    • Fluid can be applied exactly where required
  • Suitable for all leak detection operations
    • Excess Leak Detector Fluid can easily be flushed away
  • Convient pack size