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A convenient ready to use formulation. Pack comes with directional nozzle.
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Allens Leak Detector Fluid is a ready to use blend of high foaming surfactants. It was originally formulated for British Gas to be completely biodegradable and non-corrosive to all types of pipe media, and is now used today extensively throughout the UK.
Allens Leak Detector RTU can be used in a variety of applicators and typically is supplied in a 1 Litre Bottle.

  • Clear colourless/straw coloured non viscous liquid
  • Slight detergent odour.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 convenient pack sizes
  • Ensures effective detection of gas leaks by readily forming bubbles at the area of leak
  • Incorporates a non aggressive detergent formulation enabling its use on all surface types including soft metals and plastics
  • A safe to use readily biodegradable mild formula with neutral pH
  • Pack incorporates a flip cap with directional nozzle enabling fluid to be applied exactly where required
  • Suitable for all leak detection operations
  • Excess Leak Detector Fluid can easily and safely be washed away

Directions for Use

Apply product to area to be tested for leaks covering the whole of the suspect area. Any leaks will soon become obvious by the formation of bubbles at the point of the leak. Once testing is complete Allens Leak Detector Fluid may be wiped away with a damp cloth leaving the area clean and uncontaminated.

Storage: Store in original container in a cool area. Avoid extremes of temperature. Protect from frost.

Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture (unopened) when stored as directed.

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