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A universal tyre mounting paste.
Unit of Sale: 5Kg, 25Kg

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A dark brown translucent tyre mounting paste, designed for quick and easy mounting/demounting of car, truck, bus, farm and earthmoving tyres. With excellent lubricating properties, use of the paste reduces the risk of tyre damage during fitting and dismounting and prevents rim slippage. Great over all performance.  

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for all tyre-rim combinations
  • Excellent lubricating properties, protects against rust
  • Helps eliminate tyre slippage on the rim
  • Reduces bead damage and leaks
  • Does not freeze or harden
  • Non-toxic

Directions for Use

For demounting: Apply Del-Lube Tyre Mounting Paste to the tyre bead with a suitable clean brush BEFORE the tyre is deflated. As air is being released, the paste will penetrate between the rim and the tyre and aid in breaking the bead.
For mounting: The paste ensures perfect fitting for a balanced assembly.

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