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A powerful cleaner for industrial machinery and engine degreasing.
Unit of Sale: 25 Litre

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A blend of solvents including orange oil ideal for industrial and engine cleaning and degreasing. Can be used on metals, plastics and painted surfaces to remove oil, grease, carbon and tar.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent for cleaning engines, parts and machinery and tools
  • Dissolves and removes heavy deposits of grease, mineral oil, wax and tar from metals, plastics and painted surfaces
  • Useful for removing oil, tar and grease marks from various surfaces e.g. floors, bodywork
  • Emulsifiers ensure soilings rinse easily away with water leaving surfaces clean and non-greasy
  • Compatible with all metals and metal components, painted surfaces and most plastics

Storage: 12 months from manufacture when stored as directed in original packaging.

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