Ruby Veg Soft Soap

Ruby Veg Soft Soap is an all-natural soya oil based soap used predominantly for its excellent lubricant properties. It is the key building block in our Easy Joint Universal pipe jointing compound and Del-Lube range of lubricants.

This natural lubricant is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. It comes in two forms, MA30, and a higher specification CS30. It has a wide variety of applications that includes:

  • Lubricating pipe jointing assemblies
    (CS30 is WRAS approved for use with cold potable water)
  • Lubricating machinery and conveyor belts
  • Mould release agent
  • Tyre mounting compound
  • Shuttering release agent
  • Slipway lubricant for launching ships
  • Wire drawing lubricant