Allens Leak Detector Fluid

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous if not found quickly.  With 275,000km* of buried transmission and distribution pipes carrying natural gas throughout the UK, successful gas leak detection is of paramount importance.

Allens Leak Detector Concentrate and Ready to Use formulations were originally developed for British Gas in 1972 in response to their need for a safe, effective, reliable and convenient gas leak detection product.  They also demanded that the product be non-corrosive when in contact with the various materials from which gas pipes and fittings are made. With a typical halide content of 30-60ppm, Allens Leak Detector comfortable complies with this requirement and far surpasses the EN14291:2004 standard of less than 200ppm.  Also completely biodegradable, our Leak Detector is environmentally friendly.

Today Allens Leak Detector Fluid has a proven track record and is used extensively throughout the UK by Transco, supplied via dedicated distributors, infrastructure service companies, and major multinationals.  Allens Leak Detector is also available to the merchant trade and now includes a Leak Detector Gel and a Leak Detector Spray formulation. Retail purchases can be made direct from our on-line shop.

“A small product that simply saves lives”

Air Leak Detection

The principle of leak detection is the same whether it is for detecting gas leaks or for detecting air leaks. Our range of leak detection products are equally relevant for use in the detection of air leaks. Allens Leak Detector Fluid is approved by Toyota Cars GB for use in detecting air leaks in their wheel assemblies.