Soft Soaps

Potassium soft soaps from Delf UKDelf has been an industrial soap making business for over 90 years, manufacturing a range of potassium soft soaps and exporting them around the world in addition to supplying home markets.

Delf‘s expertise extends to working with any base oil in order to tailor soap manufacture to specific customer requirements.

Our soft soaps are made by traditional methods from natural vegetable derived ingredients. Tried and tested, they are non-corrosive and environmentally friendly, meeting a variety of approved standards.

Speciality Chemicals

Gas detection products, lubricants and release agents from Delf UKAlong side industrial soft soaps, air and gas leak detection products for the UK market make a major contribution to Delf’s portfolio.

Other products in this category reflect Delf’s development of a range of environmentally friendly soap-based products in response to customer demand.

These include a highly versatile WRAS approved pipe jointing lubricant, a lubricant range that comprises lubricants from tyre mounting paste to mould release agents, and a range of products with practical application in the building chemical industry including shuttering release and mortar admixtures.